Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Made Something

Whenever I talk to someone now, particularly my mom, they ask, "So what did you make in school today?" I give a little sigh and respond with either how not to make people sick or how to cut vegetables. Today though that answer would be different! Today I made mayonnaise. It's not super exciting but it's something.
I am not a big mayo person, but this had an interesting taste. It was rich and more flavorful than store bought. I brought some home to try on a sandwich. We'll see if home made mayonnaise makes me more of a fan.

I started carpooling to school with a lovely woman this week, Mo. She is trying to keep a blog of her culinary school adventures as well here. She's older than I am with loads of stories. Hopefully she will share some of them online with all of you because I can't do them justice (and they belong to her). She is studying culinary to round out her skills as she spent several years working in a bakery. This is a boon for me in that she generously offered to teach me some decorating things and we will get exchange food from classes after this one.

This week is so busy; homework, a quiz, a test, a practical, and a short report to work on. Next week is just homework, so what did I do? I signed up to volunteer as a prep cook for a conference Wednesday through Saturday 8 am - 12 pm. It wasn't until after that I remembered my puppy. I'm fairly certain I can make it work if I get up early, if my darling fiancee will do the morning walk ( I hope he reads this), and I run home for a lunch walk before class starts. Smoke won't be happy and Alex will be some what frustrated but I really need kitchen experience to help me get a good externship.

So blessings, positive vibes, and well wishes are all appreciated. To friends and family: I will always need more coffee.

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