Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Little Up, A Little Down

Week number two is down for the count. I feel good about it being completed successfully because it was more challenging from the personal front. My fiancee and I decided to adopt a puppy last Sunday.

His name is Smoke and he's two months old. Our favorite brew pub, Shipyard, had a special event last Saturday, so we went and Pet Rescue By Judy was also there. I tried to resist but he had a sister and he's so cute! We slept on it and decided it was time to take the next step and add a puppy to our home. Our two cats are less than thrilled, but adjusting. How did this effect school? Minimally. It means getting up at 4 am for a mid-night walk, making sure I get up early for another walk and breakfast, I don't get to school as early to minimize the time he has to spend in the crate, and I rush home for another walk. Young puppies have small bladders if you haven't guessed.

He and I were able to bond on Tuesday because the down part of my week was catching a cold. I thought about pushing through it to go to class, but needed the day of rest to get better. There were four assessments this week. I'm feeling good because I did well on all of them though a little upset with myself for a getting a low B on one. It was in Culinary Foundations. I don't like that pastry students don't get the text book for the class. I understand that we won't need it again after this but reading the material would help me. They could let us borrow it or at least have a copy in the library!

Aside from assessments we learned how to make a vinaigrette and different types of sauces. Now that we know all the things that can make people sick, Sanitation is getting to actual methods of being safe. Of course there were more knife skills practice. I realized that I square things better with my left hand, but I tourne better with right hand. Not before I cut myself for the first time yesterday. Cuts require a band aid and a finger 'condom' to keep it on. The color is to make it more easily noticed if it falls into the food.

That is my thumb, not a nub of a finger like some of my friends said it looks like.

A little bit of a longer post, but I want people to know what going through this program is like. Now I need to do some homework catch up.

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